An API for building waiting lists and referral programs. Use this API to create a viral waiting list for your new product or feature launch. Let people jump the queue by referring their friends - a proven tactic that you can now use without having to re-invent the wheel.

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An API that provides live (~15 minute delay) oil prices and historical oil price data. Use this API to create price alerts, find historical trends between oil price data and pricing data of other commodities, show oil prices on relevant news site etc.

Starting at $9 per month for 10,000 requests per month

An API that auto-generates social media visuals, e-commerce banners, and more. Use this API to automatically generate OG images, e-commerce images, and banners for the various social networks and ad platforms. Create a design once, generate an infinite variations.

Starting at $29 per month for 500 images per month