This API detects personal information like email addresses and phone numbers. If you're building some sort of marketplace, use this API to monitor for when customers are trying to move conversations off your platform.

From $9 per month

This API lets you send handwritten notes to your customers or contacts. The notes are actually written by robots, not printed with a handwriting-style font. Use this to send handwritten letters to your key customers or prospects.

$3.55 per use

This API lets you create, fill, and e-sign PDFs. Use it to automate document workflows such as contract generation, e-signature requests, and more.

From $0.10 per usage

This API converts over 400 image file types to more popular, web-safe images that can be previewed online. Use it to let your users upload and preview Photoshop files, SVGs, Word Documents, and more.

10,000 free requests, then from $9.95 p/m

This API lets you interact with e-commerce data from all of the major platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc) in a uniform way. If you're building tools for e-commerce store owners, or automation tools for your own stores, integrate with Rutter instead of integrating with each platform individually.

Pricing not public

This API lets you plant trees, which can help improve the planet. Use it to incentivise user actions, for example, plant a tree every time a customer leaves a review or makes a purchase. You could even use this to make a carbon offsetting tool or let customer roughly offset purchases at checkout.

$1 per tree (paid directly to reforestation organization)

This API makes it easy to turn URLs to link previews. If you're building a social network, messaging app, blogging platform, newsletter builder, etc, this makes it easy to let your users paste links that automatically turn into link previews (with titles, descriptions, images etc).

100 free requests per hour, starting at $29 p/m for more

This API makes it super easy to send calendar invite requests. Use it to create "add to calendar" buttons for your site, trigger calendar invites based on certain user actions, or automate team scheduling.

50 requests per month for free, then from ~$12 p/m

This API lets you search, book, and sell flights. Use it to create a travel assistant bot, a flight price comparison engine, or add flight booking options to a related product, like a site for event booking.

From ~$1 per order, plus ~$50 per month

Shotstack has both a video editing API as well as a video rendering API. Use the rendering API to deliver video at scale, or the editing API to add video editing features to your product. You could, for example, use this API to build a tool that lets influencers trim and crop videos into the ideal sizes and durations for the various popular social networks.

From $0.035/min

This set of APIs is Amazon's entrance into the geocoding market. They let you add location data and maps to your products. Use them to track the locations of physical assets (e.g. a fleet of trucks), get alerted when an item enters/exits an area, create a map of your store locations, plan trips, and more.

$0.04/map tile, $0.50/address geocoded

This API lets you create & send physical mail, like post cards and letters. Use it to send letters to VIP customers or automate sending important documents, like contracts.

Starting at $0.67 per letter

This API lets you access a vast archive of USA money-in-politics data. Use this create visualisations of how companies and politicians are linked, inform voters, or predict market movements. You can also use this API to get alerted when companies/sectors you are interested in are mentioned.

Free (donations encouraged)

This API lets you access the latest news stories from around the world. Use it to create keyword alerts, automate social media postings, compare headlines across news sites, and more.

From $9 per month

This API lets you access job listings on a popular remote job website. Use it to set up alerts for specific job types or analyse remote work trends, salaries, etc


This weather API gives you access to a huge dataset of historical weather data that dates all the way back to 1950. Use this to create predictive models or to analyse the effect of weather on road traffic, power use, commerce, or anything else.

300 calls per month for free, then from $300 p/m

This powerful API lets you transcode videos, compress them, add subtitles, edit them, and more. Use it to auto-generate videos from text/visual content, add subtitles to social media videos, or add simple video cropping/editing to your product.

Free for videos of up to 10 minutes, then starting at ~$15 per month

This new product from Stripe lets you offer financial services to your customers. Loans, bank accounts, insurance, that sort of thing. Not really sure about use cases other than offering loans to customers, but this is well worth looking into if you're interested in finance.

Pricing is unknown as this is still in beta